Weigh In! Trust Me- Trust The Program & Trust Pecan Pie

Holy guacamole!  Ok honest to goodness gracious this past week I’ve been miserably sick.  Three dear friends brought me soup and I bought myself soup as well.  Sick as I was, a person might think, oh she’s not feeling well enough to eat anything, right? Wrong!  No amount of miserable headaches, coughing, and disgustingness was going to stop me from enjoying the best chicken soup in the world made by a friend of mine. A friend who apparently only knows how to make soup cause it seems like that’s all she makes. (But she sure makes some fine soupage let me tell ya.) So I had my fair share of goodiness, then was feeling better.  So decided to head to an anniversary party with a chocolate fondue fountain… Eeep!  I steered clear.  Then a nacho stand…. Yikes!  Sharp left turn.  So thinking I was doing well I let down my guard and sure enough, the heaven’s opened (more like hell for my diet) and what do I see? A beautiful, beautiful home-made pecan pie.  Oh why? Oh why? Oh why?  My resolve is only so strong, my armor only so thick, and my eyesight extremely clear.  Pie here I am!  Here I am!

Therefore, before weigh in tonight I though for sure I was a goner.  And by goner I mean done, finished, gained.  P+ of course was encouraging every step to the door.  She said I was actually slouching as I walked in… how embarrassing. (my southern etiquette was out the door- good thing I wasn’t raised in the South.)  But as we talked and walked, because of course she always parks far away, she just kept telling me: Trust The Program.  So I did. My faith was in their hands.  And it was rewarded with the holy grail of weigh-ins!  4.2 lost!  Can you believe it?!!! Me neither.  Apparently being sick has its advantages.  And so does blessed pecan pie.