There’s No Place Like Home

Boy did Dorothy say it true.  If only I had her red heels. But with just plain kicks home I went. And what a glorious arrival it was!  Remember my secret? Well it was time for the big reveal.  The airplane had landed and down the stairs I came (I still miss the escalator days but this is a diet!) beaming to see my mama and not knowing what to expect from her.  Its been 7 months since I’ve seen her and 3 months on WW+. Would she notice right away? Would she not?

It wasn’t immediate. We were both just happy to hug and enjoy being together again.  It was so nice just to be… Home.  Then it came… the recognition, the questioning look, the bright smile: “Honey, you look fabulous!” YES!!!!!

What a feeling.  Glee! Both my parents were so happy for me.  After telling them all about the program, how it worked, how things were going, I think they may join as well.  We’ll see.

The few days there were glorious. Yes I tried hard to stay on WW+ and yes the parents helped but my 3 month vacation from strict dieting was due. And boy did I celebrate. Stories to come!

Being home was the reward I had been looking for and needed. A pat on the back. An incentive to keep going. I wish everyone had that same home.

The Hills Are Alive

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