Secret Secret

Shhhh…. It’s a secret…. Can you keep it? I hope so cause here it goes: My mother knows nothing of my joining WW+.  What?! You may ask. Why? Well it certainly isn’t because she’s not supportive.  In fact she may be one of the most supportive mothers ever.  Always encouraging, always happy with my success and failures, always always happy with me.  Neither of my parents were ever ones to criticize my weight.  Both were always just happy for me to be… well… me. So since this has been a decision I’ve made myself I know they’ll be overjoyed for me.  I’m going home to visit them on April 4th for the weekend.  Montana.  Oh home that I love.  Since I’ll have been on WW+ for almost 3 months I’m hoping they’ll notice a change.  In appearance and in life.  A “life-change.”


montucky 217

the barn


2 comments on “Secret Secret

  1. Jenn}}ï{{ says:

    Those images of Montana are beautiful. So glad you’re going back for a visit. Your parents really are amazing.

    And, yes, you’re family is definitely going to notice how much “less” there is of you. At least three people at the party last night did. Tell me more about how you feel your attitude towards life has changed because I feel you’ve always been pretty good in that department 🙂

  2. Jenn}}ï{{ says:

    Also, consider linking your pintress and twitter to your blog. May help generate traffic as well 🙂

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