Snack Time!

As we all know, snacks are a part of life.  No matter what your allowed points on WW+ everyone needs snacks. I need lots of them. I’m more of a snack all day than sit down and eat a meal type of person. Who am I kidding I’m both. Thankfully on WW+ snacks are highly encouraged.  Since fruits and vegetables are “free” point-wise they’re an easy snack to grab. But sometimes, usually actually, fruit just doesn’t cut it and I am more than willing to spend a few points on a goody snack.  Here are a few of my favorite thus far:


Nature Valley Granola Thins: Point + Value: 2


Oh these are so yummy! These little babies pack a punch of chocolate goodness that really hits the spot! No they might not stave off your hunger for an entire afternoon, but if a bit of sugar is what you need right after a meal to keep you from eating a second lunch, these are what you need.


POP Chips: Points + Value: 3



Holy smokes watch out.  No joke they say that these chips are “Love. Without the handles.”  Well I wish they had handles so that I could carry more of them home with me from the grocery store.  Truly these are my go-to chip.  I’m a huge fan of the original although some of my friends prefer the bbq.  Both are excellent.

Trader Joe’s Fiberful Granola Bars: Points + Value: 3


So I never was a big fan of granola bars.  In fact when I first had the opportunity to try these babies a friend of mine who was on a high fiber diet offered me a taste.  I turned her down.  Granola bars? Gross.  But we were in the car and it was going to be a long wait until I could get a snack of my own so I pilfered another offer and took a bite. And low and behold…. stop the presses…. move over Red Robin… YUMM!!!  Well not quite as YUMM as Red Robin but still. For a granola bar… quite fabulous.  The Rolled Oats and Peanut Butter version is for sure the best flavor. They’re now in my stash of go-to snacks.  Hope you enjoy them too!


Weigh In! Trust Me- Trust The Program & Trust Pecan Pie

Holy guacamole!  Ok honest to goodness gracious this past week I’ve been miserably sick.  Three dear friends brought me soup and I bought myself soup as well.  Sick as I was, a person might think, oh she’s not feeling well enough to eat anything, right? Wrong!  No amount of miserable headaches, coughing, and disgustingness was going to stop me from enjoying the best chicken soup in the world made by a friend of mine. A friend who apparently only knows how to make soup cause it seems like that’s all she makes. (But she sure makes some fine soupage let me tell ya.) So I had my fair share of goodiness, then was feeling better.  So decided to head to an anniversary party with a chocolate fondue fountain… Eeep!  I steered clear.  Then a nacho stand…. Yikes!  Sharp left turn.  So thinking I was doing well I let down my guard and sure enough, the heaven’s opened (more like hell for my diet) and what do I see? A beautiful, beautiful home-made pecan pie.  Oh why? Oh why? Oh why?  My resolve is only so strong, my armor only so thick, and my eyesight extremely clear.  Pie here I am!  Here I am!

Therefore, before weigh in tonight I though for sure I was a goner.  And by goner I mean done, finished, gained.  P+ of course was encouraging every step to the door.  She said I was actually slouching as I walked in… how embarrassing. (my southern etiquette was out the door- good thing I wasn’t raised in the South.)  But as we talked and walked, because of course she always parks far away, she just kept telling me: Trust The Program.  So I did. My faith was in their hands.  And it was rewarded with the holy grail of weigh-ins!  4.2 lost!  Can you believe it?!!! Me neither.  Apparently being sick has its advantages.  And so does blessed pecan pie.


What to do when you’ve just had an amazing Carl’s Jr. Teriyaki Chicken Burger for a whopping 14 points+? Look for inspiration.  Now let me just say: it was delicious!  I haven’t had fast food for two months and all things considered 14 isn’t crazy insane bad, especially for someone who gets 42 for the entire day.  But even so… I don’t want to get the mentality that I can do this every day.  So where can I go for a quick “pick-me-up” emotional-style, extra happiness on the side? YOUTUBE!  Can you use some inspiration? Check out these go-getters who made it through:

April’s Transformation

The Story Of Jess

Brandon’s Progress

Secret Secret

Shhhh…. It’s a secret…. Can you keep it? I hope so cause here it goes: My mother knows nothing of my joining WW+.  What?! You may ask. Why? Well it certainly isn’t because she’s not supportive.  In fact she may be one of the most supportive mothers ever.  Always encouraging, always happy with my success and failures, always always happy with me.  Neither of my parents were ever ones to criticize my weight.  Both were always just happy for me to be… well… me. So since this has been a decision I’ve made myself I know they’ll be overjoyed for me.  I’m going home to visit them on April 4th for the weekend.  Montana.  Oh home that I love.  Since I’ll have been on WW+ for almost 3 months I’m hoping they’ll notice a change.  In appearance and in life.  A “life-change.”


montucky 217

the barn

Weight Watchers Plus (WW+)

Praise P+.  P+ is a dear friend of mine who has been a WW+ lifer for… well… life.  She’s had her ups and downs and still keeps moving up.  Down actually. Weight-wise as least because for 20+ years she’s been losing poundage and inspiring others to lose their own.  Biggest Loser has nothing on this woman.  I don’t even watch Biggest Loser but I know that adorable Bob is not even close in adorableness to P+.

Therefore after years of her encouraging me to take the step… I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers +. Apparently PLUS is their new program… thus +. You got me.  I’m just going to follow the guidelines and let them play me like a fiddle.  Hopefully my tune will be sharpened and adjusted… singing bright and clear, taunt and “fit as a fiddle.”  I don’t understand how the program works, but I started 8 weeks ago… and viola’… 21.6 pounds lost!

So here’s to the “Life Change” that WW+ and P+ are going to help me make.  I’m hoping that I can continue… through thick… to thin… or just less thick.  And perhaps someday I’ll inspire others and be my own: K+.  Not just a K.

Weight Watchers+